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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Is The Cosmetic Surgery Cheaper In Turkey?

Turkey manufactures its equipment locally, and the cost of living is lower than European countries.

How Long Is The Flight To Istanbul?

From European, Middle Eatern and Gulf countries, not longer than 4 Hours, From USA and Canada, the flight is about 12 hours.

How Can I Arrange Transfers From Hotel And Hospital?

Have no worries. We will provide a private driver, whom will welcome you at the airport, and will take care of your transfers during your stay.

What Is The Best Time For Surgery?

You can always have your aesthetic surgery no matter what the season is.

Are You A Candidate For Cosmetic Surgery?

Yes you are, you will also go through the necessary tests before the procedure to ensure a 100% successful operation.

Types Of Anesthesia

In aesthetic operations, local or general anesthesia is applied according to the preference of your doctor.

Can I Have Multiple Procedures At The Same Time?

Certain cosmetic surgeries go hand in hand, whether to do it or not, is up to the doctors to decide based on the patient's medical condition.

When Can I See The Results?

At World Health Medical, our doctors use the most advanced techniques to make the healing process faster and have almost no edema, however the final results may vary from one operation to another.


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