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Zirconium Crowns and Hollywood smile

•1st day of your appointment first step will be checking your X-ray that would be taken by our assistance. Then our professional dentists will do examination and begin preparing and filling your teeth. By the end of your 1st day, temporary teeth will be fitted.  The temporaries will be made by the same size of your own teeth, it will allow you to eat comfortably for rest of 2 days. 

•Second step is making/choosing the new style and color shade. We will be selected the most eligible models and shade for you before you leaving at clinic.

  • 2nd day you will be resting!
  • 3rd day you will be resting!

   • 4th day is fitting day, you will have to return to the clinic for a trial fit and adjustment will be where necessary esthetically by discussing with you for the best result! 

The following hours of your fitting, we will be polished by our technical team of our clinic and fixed permanently


Hello , thank you for contacting World Health Medical. We are a group based in Europe & North America. Our Dental Clinic and Hospital is located in Istanbul, Turkey. 

I would like to just explain a few things before we get started. Our mission is to create the safest and most affordable travels to your confidence, we accommodate everything from A-Z to make sure  that our clients are comfortable,never in distress and have the best tailored treatment plan possible for their situation.

You will be greeted by one of our trusted chauffeurs in your personal VIP vehicle which will be available to you your whole trip. You will be taken to your 5 star Hotel which we had accommodated for you prior to your travels, a member/consultant from World Health Medical will meet with you at the Hotel and go over the whole schedule in person that we had discussed prior.




Teeth whitening By World Health Medical

Currently, oral aesthetics is very important and is a type of dental orthodontics, which aims at a healthy smile and an oral cavity in perfect condition. One of the most used dental treatments is teeth whitening.

What does this treatment consist of?

It consists of removing all the dental stains that the teeth may have, whether caused by natural causes or by external factors such as caffeine or nicotine.

We must not forget that our tooth enamel has many tiny pores that, as time goes by, can leave small organic deposits of various origins, which are the cause of stains or discoloration of our teeth.


What types of whitening do we offer?

LED teeth whitening.

It is a technique to achieve the white and natural color of your teeth. This technique is perfect for this purpose, since LED technology has an active ingredient that does not damage tooth enamel. This dental treatment is performed in a 45-minute session in the clinic plus 15 days of treatment at home.

We include with LED teeth whitening:


1st Visit

Necessary material for teeth whitening.

Later consultation to evaluate the treatment.


Teeth whitening by Splint

This is another procedure to achieve the natural white of your teeth. To do this, we use a splint that will fit the patient’s teeth and apply the bleaching agent (carbamide or hydrogen peroxide gel) to the teeth.

In this teeth-whitening technique, we include:

  • Splint measurements
  • Shade taking with the VITA guide
  • Whitening in the clinic
  • Up to 3 subsequent periodic review visits


Porcelain Mouth Veneers

This type of dental treatment consists of the implantation of aesthetic covers made of porcelain and made with dental resins that are placed on our teeth simulating their appearance.

The advantage of oral veneers is that they have a high natural and aesthetic component that makes you hardly notice that you are wearing them. What is intended with this type of dental treatment is that our patient shows a healthy and beautiful smile.


Composite Dental Veneers

Composite dental veneers are a type of dental treatment that has an aesthetic and natural purpose, and the method used is the superposition of composite sheets on the surface of the tooth. This procedure is invasive for the oral surface, so it does not damage our teeth at any time. In addition, the materials with which the composite is made have high durability.

The advantage of composite dental veneers over porcelain is that they can be designed by the dentist himself, adapting to each of the teeth; In contrast, porcelain veneers are predetermined and do not fit the same. The purpose of both dental treatments is the same, but depending on the patient one technique or another is used.


Wisdom teeth and other mouthparts removal

This is one of the most used dental treatments, either since as time goes by, it is often necessary to extract some mouthparts, due to infection or because it causes discomfort or discomfort. What usually carries out this extraction process is usually intense pain in the third molars, inflammation of the gums, malocclusion, the appearance of cysts or oral infections.


Dental Implants

This type of dental treatment is used when we need to replace mouthparts due to infections or loss of the same. Dental implants are made in order to be long-term, in such a way that it is tried not to create any discomfort to the patient after their placement.

The materials used to carry out this dental treatment are biocompatible with the rest of our mouth, so what we intend to do is a natural implantation that is barely noticeable so that the patient feels comfortable and hardly feels that they have implants dental.


Dental Splint

This dental treatment uses a type of splint called a Michigan Ferula. This type of splint consists of a plastic piece that is placed in the upper arch of the oral cavity to protect the teeth from friction with the upper arch, in such a way that we avoid causing wear between our teeth, the so-called bruxism.

Michigan splints are used as discharge splints, they are a type of dental treatment that despite being rigid and hard, allow great mobility of the jaw.

The main purpose of these dental splints is to achieve a perfect adaptation between the teeth and your mouth in such a way that we avoid any overload that our client may suffer.


Orthodontic brackets

We use this type of oral treatment to correct bite problems, in such a way that its main objective is to align the teeth and jaw. The orthodontic brackets can give both children and adults, depending on the source of the problem.

One of the main advantages of implanting orthodontics with braces is that you will improve the health of your mouth in a very positive way. At World Health Medical Istanbul, Turkey, we try that after orthodontics with braces you get the result you wanted a perfect smile and greet you.

Apart from the alignment of the teeth and the jaw, you can also correct other dental problems such as gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss or tooth enamel wear.


Invisible orthodontics

This type of orthodontics is the same as the previous one but transparent or invisible braces are used in such a way that it is much more aesthetic when it comes to showing off your smile. It can be considered a type of aesthetic dental treatment that will provide you with a favorable well-being.

This type of dental orthodontics can correct problems such as set teeth, tooth separation, crossbite or overbite.


Removable dental prosthesis

As time goes by, with age we lose mouthparts, which causes us to be unwell and aesthetically does not look pretty. With removable dental prostheses, we can achieve a healthy and cared smile while taking care of our dental health.

This dental treatment, also known as false teeth, with our removable dental prostheses, we will promote your confidence and well-being.

Removable dental prostheses have a series of advantages, among them they have great flexibility, which allows a better adaptation to the oral cavity and can also be used. When we want to replace certain pieces, our patient does not have to have lost all the pieces, although In this case, opting for this type of dental treatment would be the most successful.

Periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment is great for gum inflammation. This type of problem, of inflammation of the gums or gums that bleeds, has its solution in this dental treatment, since this type of pathologies can only be avoided with anti-inflammatory gum treatments.

How are these dental treatments carried out at World Health Medical Istanbul, Turkey?

The first thing we carry out is the previous study of the gums to know in what circumstances they are and how we can act in front of the problem in a personalized way in each patient. With this study, what we can analyze is whether there is tooth mobility, gum bleeding or excess tartar.

Subsequently, the periodontitis specialist will perform a scaling and root planing through which to try to stop and put an end to this type of periodontitis problems.

These types of treatments are generally quite expensive since they require the use of the latest technologies applied in dental treatments and have to have the best specialists to perform them.

At World Health Medical Istanbul, Turkey, we are specialists in dental treatments, and that is why we offer fees to which you will not be able to say no.  You can have this type of oral treatments at your fingertips. If you are interested in hiring our services, do not hesitate to contact us. If you hire World Health Medical Istanbul, Turkey online, you can get the best dental treatments at the best market price.



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