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Hyaluronic acid

Treatment of wrinkles, facial rejuvenation and harmonization of the face with Hyaluronic acid As we age, our skin loses moisture and elasticity and begins to show the signs of aging. Facial fillers can gently soothe wrinkles and plump certain areas in subtle ways.

Botox for Expression Wrinkles

Today it is one of the most performed aesthetic medicine procedures and it has managed to enhance the knowledge of facial anatomy and how to work the muscles that provide expression. Not only can we eliminate the famous crow's feet or frown lines, but we can also modify a smile that shows too much teeth or the sad position of the corners of the mouth

Japanese Threads or Tensioning Threads

Japanese thread treatment is a facial rejuvenation technique to prevent and treat sagging. It is a technique that consists of inserting resorbable polydioxanone or polylactic acid threads at the subdermal level on the face and / or neck.


Lifting Without Surgery

The lifting without surgery is the set of aesthetic medicine actions that seek to restore the volume and tension of the facial tissues with a decrease in wrinkles but without surgery.

The so-called lifting without surgery can be performed in different ways and each patient requires a personalized approach, for this reason it is not possible to speak of a similar pattern or dynamics in two different patients. Logically, the price is individualized for each patient depending on the products required.

It is usually done in two stages to be able to act on all the factors:

First time. In the first stage, we act on the lifting of the tissues and on the dynamic wrinkles. In this first stage, Botox is applied to the upper third of the face (to raise eyebrows, reduce expression lines between the eyebrows and crow’s feet)

At the level of the middle and lower third of the face, we act on the flaccidity of the tissues, it can be done with injectable products such as poly-L-lactic acid, we can treat this area using Japanese threads or magic threads.

Second time. In this second stage we act on the volumes and static residual wrinkles. The treatment is carried out mainly with hyaluronic acid of different densities depending on the area to be treated.

In specific cases, we can improve even more with laser and vitamins.

Non Surgical Aesthetic
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Richard Moore
I visited Istanbul 2 weeks ago for my hair transplant from USA.
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Thomas Crooke
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Charles Lillard
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