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Breast Cosmetic Surgery

Facial Aesthetics

The facial cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving. Currently, patients request less and less aggressive treatments, with better results and with a faster recovery from their usual life. Although the conventional facelift is still a frequently performed surgery, we are increasingly performing less aggressive face surgery such as the weekend facelift or tuliplift and the short scar facelift or MACS.

As for rhinoplasty, the most important change is in reference to the result. What are currently being sought are results that are more natural. The requests for rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty without surgery have also increased a lot, that is, the modification of moderate defects of the nose without going through the operating room, replacing the nose operation. For this, we usually use hyaluronic a

cid to hide a hump or botox to raise a nasal tip.



Breast augmentation with prosthesis

The intervention of breast augmentation with prostheses is indicated in those patients who want to improve the shape of the breasts either because they have an asymmetry, a loss of volume after pregnancy, hypoplasia or simply because they want more volume.

Breast augmentation with own fat

The lipofilling of breasts or breast augmentation with own fat is indicated in patients who want a discreet or moderate increase of breasts and who have enough fat in other parts of the body. Breast augmentation with own fat is an ideal method because it avoids most prosthetic complications.



Reduction Mammoplasty

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, removes excess fat from the breast, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion to the body and to alleviate the discomfort associated with oversized breasts.

Breast lift

Breast lift or Mastopexy is the surgical intervention that allows the breast to rise and that allows in the same act if the patient wishes to increase the size.

Breast lift, technically called mastopexy, is a surgery that lifts and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning the tissues to reshape the new breast.

Secondary Breast Augmentation Surgery

When a woman undergoes cosmetic breast augmentation, the last thing on her mind is that she will have to have another operation in a short period of time, secondary breast surgery.

The reasons can be varied as a consequence of aging, breast deformity, a complication or as a consequence of poor surgery.

The first visit:

In this first visit, the doctor will assess your chest, take measurements and explain the techniques necessary to achieve a good result in your particular case. They will also assess together with you the most appropriate size for your profile.

So that the patient and the doctor can get an idea of ​​the final volume, we have external prostheses, which, chosen after taking measurements, allow us to see live what the final volume will be with the selected prostheses. We will also perform a digital reconstruction after taking a photo in 3 dimensions. From this visit you have to leave with a fairly clear idea of ​​the technique that we will use, the result that we can obtain and the postoperative period that you will have.

For your part, it is important that you do not stop explaining if you are taking a medication, if you consume any type of drug or if you suffer from any disease, since it is very important for the surgeon to have all the information before the intervention.

The tests that we will order before a breast augmentation will be an analysis, an electrocardiogram, a chest X-ray and a mammogram or breast ultrasound.

You will enter the same day of the intervention. It is important that you fast for a minimum of 8 hours before the intervention.

In the hospital they will assign you a room where you can change, they will take you to the pre-operating room where you will see the surgeon, they will paint you and before going to the operating room they will sedate you a little so that you are calm

Breast Cosmetic Surgery
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